Causes vs. Symptoms – Part II

I have received a lot of feedback on the topic of causes versus symptoms. This concept is critical to understand. If you have high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, or elevated inflammation levels (C – reactive protein) then you have warning signs that things are not right in your body. These are all signs/symptoms of underlying issues. Th situation is analogous to a fire alarm going off. If you take the batteries out of the alarm, the alarm may stop but you have done nothing to put out the fire. The fire will continue to do damage, although you will no longer hear the alarm. You need to treat the underlying cause (you put water on the fire). Taking medication is similar to taking the batteries out of the alarm. The underlying problems are still there and can continue to do damage.  The causes of the problem are still there. The fire is still burning. Until you cure these underlying issues, the symptoms will not go away and may get worse – over time you may require more medication and higher doses of medication.  Remember, all medication can have side effects. Your long-term goal should be to eliminate the underlying causes. This can be accomplished through many natural methods including weight loss, better nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and adequate sleep. Always look for the underlying causes of your issues and attack these. You will live longer, look better, feel better, and require less medication. (Never stop your medication without talking to your personal doctor first!) Never give up and stay healthy.

Author: drjeffgreenberg

Dr Greenberg is a clinical cardiologist who specializes in preventive cardiology, nutrition, exercise, and longevity. He favors using natural methods to improving one's health.

3 thoughts on “Causes vs. Symptoms – Part II”

  1. QUESTION:Why do doctors give you medication, which don’t do anything for the underlying problem. Why don’t doctor treat the underlying problem from the beginning?

    1. Medication is necessary in many cases. If your blood pressure is high or your blood sugar is high, it will take time to fix these naturally. They are fixable in many cases, but consistency over time is needed. You would not want something bad to happen until the problem is fixed. Many people prefer to take the easy way out and just take their medications. They do not want to put in the time and effort needed to lower blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes naturally. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health. Without personal responsibility, there is no chance to improve one’s health. Get educated and make small improvements everyday. Improved health is possible for anyone who desires it.

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