Having trouble losing weight? Read on…

Many people are frustrated by the fact that they cannot lose weight. They are cutting down on calories and exercising but the weight still will not come off. A big reason for the difficulty in losing weight tends to be too much sugar and simple carbohydrates in the diet. Eating sugar and simple carbohydrates leads to elevated insulin levels. Insulin is the “get fat” hormone. Increased levels of insulin lead to fat accumulation in fat cells. When insulin levels are chronically elevated, fat is also locked in the fat cells. High insulin levels prevent fat from being released into the blood stream to be used as energy. This is what makes weight loss so difficult. The only way to reverse this is to lower your insulin levels. Significantly decreasing your intake of sugar and simple carbs will lead to lower insulin levels and eventual weight loss. Many people take in much more sugar than they realize. Many foods considered “healthy” contain large amounts of sugar. Yogurt is a good example. Most yogurts are no better than sugary desserts. Most yogurts with fruit are loaded with added sugar. They may be “low fat”, but are not really healthy. Granola is another good example. Many granolas and granola bars are loaded with added sugar. Just like yogurt, many granolas are no better nutritionally than eating sugary desserts such as cake or cookies.  Do not be fooled by packaging. Many processed foods are unhealthy and loaded with sugar. Food companies will try to trick you and add multiple different sugars to their products so sugar is lower on the ingredient list. Careful reading of labels is necessary to know how much added sugar you are getting. Sometimes there will be small amounts of many types of sugars, so none of them end up being in the first few ingredients of the label. Other times, sugar masquerades as apparently more “healthy” ingredients, such as honey, rice syrup, or even “organic dehydrated cane juice”. These are sugar. Sometimes fruit juice concentrates will be used, which sound wholesome, but usually the juices chosen, such as white grape, apple, and pear juices, are among the least nutritious of the juices. By the time they are “concentrated”, very little remains but the sugar.Look for sugar in any form including: brown sugar, cane sugar, honey, dextrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, molasses, and rice syrup. Remember, your body doesn’t care what the label says; it’s all just sugar. Simple carbohydrates are quickly turned to sugar by the body. Avoid simple carbs such as bread, bagels, white rice, pasta, pastries and cookies. So lower your sugar and simple carbohydrate intake and weight loss will start to occur.

Author: drjeffgreenberg

Dr Greenberg is a clinical cardiologist who specializes in preventive cardiology, nutrition, exercise, and longevity. He favors using natural methods to improving one's health.

3 thoughts on “Having trouble losing weight? Read on…”

  1. It was very nice meeting you, Dr.Greenberg.. Your article was very eye opening and beneficial. Looking forward to many healthy changes taking place in 2014. The year to be healthy and ditch meds if at all possible. Thank you for your knowledge and advice. I a concerned about John’s hardening of the arteries. What steps can we take to reverse the process? Simple, clean diet a good answer?

    Sandy Corte

  2. Hi, my name is Nevis James, I was a patient of Dr. Greenburg when I lived in Peoria, AZ. I now live in Woodstock, GA. and have just been diagnosed with Congestive heart failure that put me in the hospital for a week with fluid in my lungs and around my heart. I am now about 50 lbs. overweight all in my stomach and hip area. I have complained and complained and all any doctor wants me to do is watch my salt intake. I thank my friend in AZ. who is a patient of yours now for sharing this with me. I am unable right now to get much exercise but just not eating the foods you mentioned in this article should help me lose some of this belly fat. Thank you!

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