Health Tip of The Day

Do not get your fuel from the same place your car does!


Gas stations now make more money from food and cigarettes than they do from gasoline. Most of the food is highly processed nonperishable food snacks. (Try and find a fresh piece of fruit – not easy.) They also serve gargantuan sized soda drinks (64Oz of sugary soda- really??) Gas stations have now become processed corn stations – ethanol for your car and high fructose corn syrup for you. Avoid buying food and drinks from gas stations – it is hazardous to your health!

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg Moving to Cardiac Solutions effective December 10.

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg is excited to announce he will be joining Cardiac Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona effective December 10, 2012. He will initially be seeing patients at Cardiac Solutions’ Thunderbird Road office and Peoria office. Dr. Greenberg believes this move will allow him to provide more personalized service to his patients. He shares Cardiac Solution’s mission of innovation and excellence in cardiac care. If you are interested in continuing your care with him please contact Cardiac Solutions for an appointment at (623) 876-8816.  For more information please check out Cardiac Solutions’ website at Dr. Greenberg will continue to see patients at Cardiovascular Consultants until the end of the year. He remains Chief of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at Arrowhead Hospital and remains affiliated with Banner Thunderbird Hospital. Dr. Greenberg is a clinical cardiologist who specializes in preventive cardiology and nutrition. He believes nutrition, exercise and weight control are all integral aspects of any treatment regimen and should be emphasized in any treatment plan.

I have bad genetics – should I just give up?

I hear all the time about how people have bad genetics and there is nothing they can do to avoid their fates.  They are doomed. For example: “Both my parents have diabetes so why watch my diet? There is nothing I can do.” ” My dad had a heart attack at age 45, so I will too. Why bother exercising?” “Both my parents were overweight, so why even bother watching my calories? It is in my genes.” Are these people right? Are we doomed by our genes? No! Here is a great way to think about genetics. Your genes are like loading a gun with bullets. Your lifestyle though, determines whether the trigger is pulled. In other words, your genes do not completely determine your destiny. The choices we make about our lifestyle are just as important. We do not have to be our parents! By making smart decisions about our lifestyles we can avoid their fates. By watching our diets and exercising we do not have to be overweight or diabetic. By taking care of ourselves and not smoking, we can avoid heart attacks and strokes.  We do not have to pull the trigger! We do not have to be our genes. The moral of the story is:  watch your diet, exercise, and take care of your body and live a long healthy life despite what your genetics are.

See Dr Greenberg – Live!

Dr Greenberg will be in Glendale, AZ next Tuesday Night, January 17. He will be discussing Food and Nutrition as Medicine. It will be at the Foothills Recreation and Aquatics Center in the Coyote Room. The center is located at 5600 W. Union Hills Drive ,Glendale, AZ. The talk will begin at 6pm. Everyone is invited. No pre-registration required. Bring your family and friends. The best part – it is FREE!  Bring all your questions!

Exciting topics include:

-the only way to lose weight and keep it off

-ways to lower cholesterol naturally

-ways to lower blood pressure naturally

-improving nutrition

-do calories really matter?

-good vs. bad carbs

-which type of fat is the enemy

-exercise tips

-goal setting

-question and answer period